Bundy ‘Ranch Riot’ Psyop #AmericanSpring EXPOSED

bundy ranch riot psyop #americanspringHarry K. Link Truth Broadcast Network | You will reject this now and then pretend you knew it all along later.

Note: I am giving you a glimpse and explaining the big picture, it is up to others to make the short slick convincing videos.

Your slave masters have choreographed an ‘American Spring’ which operatives like Santilli are working hard to promote in order to whip the not so bright masses into a fury and this Bundy ranch situation is the designated flash point.

“Comply, comply, comply!”
Pete Santilli

Those who are using the term ‘psyop’ in relation to the claim that the feds are coming back are working to bury this very article and broadcast in the search results – before I even write it.

Now I understand many would love to jump on board with an ‘American Spring’ but perhaps when you consider that these events are merely operations carried out by the New World Order to STAGE the overthrow of governments in order to install their own puppets you might think again, why do you think Al Gore wants it?

#americanspring american spring occupy may 16thWhat they need to replace here in America is not the puppet but the US Constitution itself and that’s the agenda, to STAGE an overthrow which would justify throwing it out the window – along with the Second Amendment.

Among other things in the broadcast I show undeniable that the audio released by santilli was heavily edited, we watch someone tased repeatedly and not fall but most importantly is the revelation of the method they have been employing, and I have been explaining, for years.

Lot of information in the broadcast, I expect others to take it from here. Death to the new world order

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