Tony Zpe comes on the Midnight Gmt. 7 pm Est. Cancel The Cabal Show with special guest Tony Zpe; Tony had originally come on to speak of a totally different subject matter, but Sovereignty soon became the topic of discussion, so Todd and I went with it. Tony of the Kilvert family – “Blueprints of Cosmic Consciousness”

My quest started with a intuitive feeling in my heart and a question in my mind. There was a feeling something was wrong and the question was whats really going on? This lead me to begin to “unwrap” the lies and a drive to find the “Truth” about information on ‘Free Energy.’ Once I learned we “do” have these technologies this lead to the burning question “why then we do not have access” to all of it, when it is available to us? Like a rooted tree I found that the (reasons) or “roots” take us to many (areas) or branches on a very big tree where the truth has always been (hidden) there in “plain sight!” We have been so “programmed” not to see what is truly, there and that we “do see” is not the truth!

Some of these “truths” that I was able to uncover are here now for “ALL” to see and the journey is to our “real Consciousness” and now I wish to pass it on to those of you that are “hungry” to learn about ‘Consciousness.” Up until I started this search I was like everyone else existing in this well-made ‘Matrix’ and ‘Construct’ which the book will help you “see” what has been done to us all. You cannot totally understand it until you “look into it.” Even if you think you know what is going on, come and “see,” you didn’t! Please take up this challenge for yourself it’s not going to cost you anything but it may very well save your life if you “dare” to accept the challenge, of your life!”

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