Nik Qnomic first comes on the show to give insights on the Official Offer then Doug (Summum Esse) comes on to give more details on the offer and more of the procedure to follow up with.

This is the template of the Official Offer; Official Offer
Offer to (bank) by (person) to now operate on account 123456 €?0.00 effected monthly as satisfaction on all account demands/obligations. (Signed By:Person)
Rear of paper …. written at an angle across the page OFFICIAL OFFER

Attach Cheque made payable to (BANK)
If you get no response then the offer has been accepted … so the cheques keep going in to effect performance on the contract.

If a response comes … Look at it very carefully ! ! ! … This is where they may try to shift the attention away from the offer …. in an attempt to get their offer in place … If responded to carefully this cannot happen …
Go check the 7 elements of contract .. pay particular attention to acceptance….

This is how you make an Official Offer .

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